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Work remotely without installation

In order to work with WebConnector, no installations are required on the client. With WebConnector, RDP, VNC, SSH, Telnet and Kubernetes connections are implemented in the Internet browser. This makes the remote connection independent of the client device and operating system.

The WebConnector software builds a secure https tunnel to the client browser during access. No additional VPN connections are necessary because WebConnector takes over the security management.

With WebConnector, several security levels are implemented in remote operation:

  • https tunnel directly between client and WebConnector
  • Login with username, password and 2FA at WebConnector
  • Login with username and password on the remote device
  • Login to the application on the remote device (optional)
  • Additional security optional with SmartCard Reader

With WebConnector in the browser you define where and how you work. This makes WebConnector the answer to the changes in the working world today.

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