Citrix and terminal server

The ideal supplement or as an alternative

Networks with Citrix or terminal servers are used in many companies for day-to-day work. In the course of the mobilization of work and relocation to the home office, the challenge arises of expanding these networks without investing in high infrastructure costs.

Remote desktop in the browser as a solution

WebConnect helps here with a central installation in the network, which then places all incoming connections via RDP securely and directly on the central computer. With WebConnect, any device with a browser can be used directly like a Citrix or terminal workstation.

Efficient infrastructure through WebConnect

WebConnect enables companies to easily and efficiently expand existing infrastructures and also allow external employees to work directly in the company. This opens up completely new perspectives in personnel recruitment, because potential employees can be recruited from a much larger area or the more flexible workplaces increase the work ethic of existing employees.

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