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Working remotely with local devices

SmartCard readers
Use your chip card reader e.g. B. in the application beA (Germany – special electronic lawyer mailbox). Here you have to identify yourself with a chip card. WebConnector makes it possible for your beA application to run on the remote device in the office, but you can still authenticate yourself remotely from anywhere in the world with the smart card. With this feature, you can use the security of the smart card login regardless of the workplace with any application that requires this legitimacy.

Products from Philipps SpeechMike
You dictate a lot and use speech recognition software. Here, too, the WebConnector enables unlimited mobile work. Connect your Philips SpeechMike microphone to your local device (laptop, Macbook) and dictate directly into your remote device. Here your files are directly available to the speech recognition software for further processing. Alternatively, your assistant can edit these files remotely and play and capture them locally using Philips Speech foot pedal devices.

Video conferencing systems
For the use of smart card readers and Philips SpeechMike systems, WebConnector has developed a browser extension that you can simply download into your browser.

Often there is a need to participate in meetings, for example via Teams, Zoom or other video conferencing systems. You can now use this with WebConnector without local application installation. Just use the corporate application set up on the remote device (e.g. Teams) and use the local WebCam and microphone. WebConnector supports all locally connected WebCams and connects them to your remote device.

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