Dictation and speech recognition

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Dictation remains modern and effective

Extensive texts, analyzes and treatises are created in many professional groups. These are often dictated on the PC and then partly recorded and saved by employees with speech recognition systems.

In addition to dictation at the workplace in the office, these documents are often created in the home office and then transferred to the company in various ways. WebConnector offers new working environments with its remote desktop solution in the browser.

Where to record is the challenge

Dictating at the local workplace directly into the remote desktop workplace in the company with the Spehmike microphones from Philips is supported by WebConnector on both Windows and Mac devices.

Simply connect the SpeechMike devices to your local device and install the original device drivers on the local device, WebConnector does the rest for you. This eliminates later data transfers, local backups and media breaks.

Dictate to the remote desktop

Connect to your remote desktop application with WebConnector and dictate directly into this application. For example, you can supply the applications of the Dictanet dictation software and other dictation solutions in the company with data.

For further processing, another employee can also connect to the office workstation with WebConnector and play and record the language files. For this purpose, WebConnector supports the foot pedals of the Philips SpeechMike series to simply play and stop the speech files and move freely in the texts without using your hands.

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