Distance learning and training

Communicate content through shared access

Provide content

It is often difficult to distribute content and software, especially for training and further education. That is why most of these further training courses take place in technically fully equipped further training centers. Each employee has their own PC with the company software and the learning content.

Universities can only offer many educational measures locally in classrooms because access to the network is necessary or the teacher wants to work on something together with the student.

Decentralize teaching

With WebConnector, the teaching units can be brought to the learner via a remote desktop workstation in the browser. This lowers travel costs, reduces necessary investments and expands the catchment area.

On the client, any end device with a browser is able to use the learning units. Every application, no matter how complex, runs on the remote desktop and is displayed in the browser on the client and can be used from there.

Working together as a team

With shared remote desktop, WebConnector offers the possibility for several participants to work on a project together on the same workstation or for students to go through content with their tutor in a joint session.

Shared folders allow files to be exchanged and learning content. In this way, WebConnector enables team learning as if you were sitting in the same room.

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