Home office and remote work

Offer jobs where the employees are

Home office – a challenge for companies

The last few years have placed special demands on employees and companies. Jobs must increasingly be offered as home or remote jobs. Finding new qualified employees at the company’s headquarters poses increasing problems for the company, or massive investments have to be made in additional attractive offers parallel to work.

Remote desktop as a decentralized workplace

Here WebConnector offers alternative workplaces with remote desktop in the browser easily and securely at the center of life of the potential employee. Regardless of whether it is a family member in a family home in the country or an employee on a trip around the world. With little effort, the workplace is always with the employee, while the software and data remain in the company.

Modern working environments are decentralized

Talk to our partners or our sales department about the possibilities of using WebConnector for remote desktop jobs in your home office and remote work environment. It doesn’t matter which hardware the employees use as a client, since the remote connection is always established in the browser. Also, the remote workstation does not necessarily have to be Windows. MacOS and Linux workstations can also be used as remote desktops via VNC in the browser.

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