Right management

Extensive rights management

As a security solution for remote work, WebConnector provides extensive settings. The main user is the administrator who has all rights. The administrators are also the only ones who have access to all data, since the database with all users and device access data is only located locally in the WebConnector customer installation. There is no central customer and device database, as in other systems.

Users can get rights to create their own connections or set up other users. However, users can also have connection time restrictions, for example to regulate working hours.

For this purpose, user groups can be set up with authorizations and users can then be assigned to these groups. Both users and groups can be assigned devices directly so that only these devices can be accessed in the network. Unassigned devices cannot see these users.

The devices can be configured in the same way and the permitted services can be activated in the connection profile. If the same device is to be used by users with different rights, you can create several connection profiles with different settings from this device and assign them to the respective users.

The administrator sets up the individual users, groups and devices and assigns the necessary rights depending on the requirements. A detailed description of all rights can be found in the documentation in the help area.

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