WebConnect Modern Workplace
Remote Desktop In Browser

Connect to your office whereever you are.

November 2022 WebConnect Future
LED Effects

LED control for optical effects.

September 2022 WebConnect Future
USB Forwarding

WebConnect Addon for USB forwarding.

August 2022 WebConnect Future
Automated Incremental Backup

Adding automatic incremental service to backup WebConnect settings. Save backups to external locations.

July 2022 WebConnect Comming Soon
Addon For WebConnect As Service

WebConnect AddOn as replacement for the browser extension. The addon is installed as service for smartcard support and local printer redirection.

Official beta test month for WebConnect Quickmeet as collaboration tool with screenshare, whiteboard and text chat.

June 2022 WebConnect Comming Soon
Alpha Test Quickmeet

Alpha test Quickmeet video chat with screenshare and whiteboard for remote collaboration.

Alpha test WebConnect addon for printer forwarding and for SmartCard forwarding (replaces Chrome Extension).

June 2022 WebConnect History
WebConnect On Deutscher Anwaltstag

Presenting WebConnect first time on a fair. Deutscher Anwaltstag ist the main event for german law offices for organisation and IT-Infrastructur.

In cooperation with RA-MICRO Software WebConnect presented there remote work solutions to a wider market.

June 2022 WebConnect History
Multimonitor Support For 3 Monitors

Multimonitor support now for up to 3 monitors in browser tabs. Organize your remote workplace like your local one.

Import / export / backup of WebConnect settings.  Restore functionality for WebConnect

May 2022 WebConnect History
Multimonitor Support For 2 Monitors

Shared connections in RDP.

Multimonitor support for 2 monitors in browser tabs in RDP connections.

Partition enlargements for in enterprise installations WebDAV.

April 2022 WebConnect History
WebConnect Co-Router

Now ready to ship, the WebConnect Co-Router.

April 2022 WebConnect History
WebDAV Storage Support

Adding WebDAV for private storage support. Secured private drive for each user profil.

Optimization Philips Speechmike support.

Ethernet port detection in enterprise installations
SSDP and WSDD services integrated.

Simplified setup of connections through presets.

March 2022 WebConnect History
Beta For Shared RDP

Set individual backgrounds for customization the WebConnect frontend.

Use shared connections in Remote Desktop Workplaces as beta.

Optional 2FA disable / enable for 2FA as admin setting.

Group settings for users.

March 2022 WebConnect History
Partnering With RA-MICRO

Partnering with RA-MICRO the leading german supplier for Law Office Software Solutions. Building packages for cloud solutions for RDP Workplaces with RA-MICRO and Office Software.

Offering special packages for adding remote support to local Law Office envirements with the WebConnect Hardware Solution.

March 2022 WebConnect History
MacOS Support For Philips Speechmike

Adding Philips Speechmike Support on local MacOS devices in RDP connections.

Adding extended support for allf unctions on Speechmike devcies.

February 2022 WebConnect History
Framerates Up To 60 FPS in RDP

Adding video mode in RDP connections in the browser. Posibility to change between normal mode and video mode depending on hardware and internet connectivity.

Beta for frame rates up to 60FPS in remote  desktop connections in the browser and in iOS and Android apps

February 2022 WebConnect History
Partnering With Dictanet

Adding Philips Speechmike support for dictation in remote connections from local Windows devices. Partnering with Dictanet for speech recognition on remote desktop workspaces.

SmartCard support in RDP connections from local Microsoft and MacOS devices.

Remote printing with PDF.

Launching iOS and Android Apps.

January 2022 WebConnect History
First Beta Testing

Start beta test
RDP, VNC, Telnet, SSH, Kubernetes remote connections in the browser
Add extensive user management
Add extensive device management

December 2021 WebConnect History
Co-Router Prototype

Production of the first Co-Router prototype for the WebConnect.

Build team for the beta product launch beginning in January 2022

November 2021 WebConnect History
Alpha Testing

Starting with the Alpha Testing of first software prototypes.

Logodesign and first sketches for Webdesign.

First design ideas for the WebConnect Co-Router solution.

September 2021 WebConnect History
Start Programming

The core developer team is setup and startet to build the different projects for frontend and backend design.

August 2021 WebConnect History
Defining Roadmap

The WebConnect Team designs the first roadmap to start the projetc.

Summer 2021 WebConnect History
First Product Ideas

First discussions about a remote work concept made easy for everyone. Starting the brainstorming about features and customer needs.

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