Setup WebConnect with subdomain and licence key

The WebConnect Box contain the following items:

WebConnect Box
AC power adaptor
SD card (Flashed with the latest OS and ready to boot, WebConnect Box will arrive with the SD card already inserted in the device)

The following steps are explain the procedure to register a new subdomain using any WebConnect version (Webconnector Box and Hyper-V)

On a PC connected to the same network we are connecting yo the unit. Please open Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox or another modern Web Browser on your device.

Navigate to http://webconnect.local/ and the next screen will prompt:


When WebConnect is finished with the basic setup, the next screen is automatically displayed, in which you enter your subdomain and your license key. You can obtain these either directly from the shop on this website or from your specialist retailer.


Enter your license data in the two fields and click on Configure.

The device now performs all setup steps for your WebConnect setup. In the meantime, you will see the following screen.


When the setup is complete and the IP addresses are registered on the device, you come to the last 2 steps of the setup.

You will be redirected to the following screen:


Enter the initial setup credentials here:

User: admin
Password: password

After this step you will be asked for a new password, please set a new and secure password for the admin user.


This completes the basic setup and you will see the WebConnect start screen. You can now create users and connections.



We strongly recommend that you enable 2FA protection for all users. You can enable 2FA protection in global settings or click Enable on the 2FA message.

We also recommend setting up a new admin user and deleting the system user with the name admin. This increases security against unauthorized access attempts.

Internet access:

For internet access (non intranet connections) the port 443 should be open and configure to the WebConnect IP (Be sure the device have a static IP ).

To configure the router with the parameter access into it with or (Configuration depend of the router). Log in with the admin credential and search for “port forwarding”, configure a new rule with the following data:

TCP port 443 and the IP of the WebConnect Box.

In case of having issues with this step, please contact with your router’s HelpDesk or call to your Internet provider if the router was included with the subscription

After all is set up. You can connect from outside your network removing “local-” from the URL of your WebConnect or using our Android and IOs APP.

Intranet URL example:
Internet URL example:

Known issues with routers:

With some routers, even if the configuration is done, an extra step should be applied.


This internet provide have a “block” for the port, please , contact them and explain you need to open the TCP port 443 to the WebConnect device and they will make sure your port is well configured.


1. In the Friztbox user interface, click “Heimnetz”.

2. Click “Heimnetzübersicht” in the menu.

3. Click on the “Netzwerkeinstellungen” tab.

4. In the “DNS-Rebind-Schutz” section, enter the name of the domain to which the DNS rebind protection should not apply in the “Domainnamen-Ausnahmen” input field. If the input field is not displayed, activate the “Erweiterte Ansicht” first.

5. If you want to set up exceptions for multiple domain names, enter the domain names each separated by a line break.


6. Click “Übernehmen” to save the settings.