System administration and support

Manage all network components remotely

External support and admin access

There are many reasons why internal system administrators or support staff of Hadr and software solutions need to access the company network from outside. In all these cases there is the problem of how to make it safe for all sides. The IT security department of a company has to deal with this question again and again. Smaller companies usually cannot solve such problems at all.

System administration of the networks

As long as the network specialists are on site, this is not a problem. But if you have to look after the network or individual components at other times, then the challenges start. Many have outsourced IT security and support to external service providers. They usually drive to the company to carry out the necessary work on site. Support staff from external companies usually do not have the opportunity to look directly into the affected systems.

Secure remote administration

WebConnector not only offers remote desktop work, with the entire range of access services in the browser, such as RDP, VNC, Telnet, SSH or Kubernetes, there are various protocols that can access secure connections from outside. Individual authorizations can be assigned for each access and each protocol, which enable exactly the right access.

In this way, a support employee can get RDP or VNC access to the device in question. With shared RDP connections, the customer can track all accesses. The system administrator, on the other hand, receives admin rights and can set up the respective connections that he needs for optimal control and maintenance from the outside. With WebConnector, every system can be administered or maintained remotely. Wake-on-Lan also helps to restart systems that have been switched off.

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