Video and graphic workstations

Graphics work with low lag and 60 FPS

High hardware and software requirements

Graphics and video workstations require investments in hardware and software. Every graphics employee must be equipped with high-quality EDP and suitable software licenses at their workplace. Home office is often difficult to offer unless further investments are made in the home office workplace.

Remote desktop in the browser lowers costs

WebConnector helps to distribute these jobs efficiently over several employees and thus achieve cost savings while increasing work efficiency.

With 60FPS video transmission at low delay, video editing as well as graphic design can be done directly on the remote desktop from the client work station as if you were sitting there. This means that high investments no longer have to be made at the employee’s workplace.

Mobile work for creative employees and editors

WebConnector offers ideal conditions, for example for image and text editors in the field, since the highly specialized systems can be accessed with simple and light equipment. Even with a mobile connection, you can work securely from anywhere in the world.

The shared remote connections also allow creative employees from different workstations to create and refine projects together on the same remote desktop.

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