WebConnect Distributor

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Apply to become a WebConnect distributor. Your task is to win and look after WebConnect resellers. You support the reseller in sales processes and are the first point of contact for them. For this you receive a commission from the sales of your resellers.

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Welcome to leave your information below if you are interested in becoming a WebConnect distributor. A WebConnect representative will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Reasons why you should apply

New competitive product
The first privacy webbased remote control solution where you control your data.

Competive Sales Plan
Offer your resellers 2 attractive plans, they buy from WebConnect at attractive reselling prices and sell directly to their customers or they set up their customers directly at WebConnect, we take care of the billing and they receive your monthly commission.

Contentrate on Marketing and Sales
All financial issues with resellers and there customers is handled by WebConnect World SL

Commited Sales Support
Strong WebConnector sales team ready to help

Robust Partnerships