Bye-Bye VPN
Hello WebConnect

Your Private Cloud

Browser based Remote Desktop with

Secure two-factor authentication connects instantly to your workstation from anywhere. 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, no strings attached.

A secure gateway solution that guards against ransomware.

The HTTPS connection connects the WebConnect to the user’s browser directly. The key is only in these two devices. This reduces the threat posed by malware and cyber threats while maintaining speed.

WebConnect Always on-Premise

The WebConnect solution is always part of the customer network. WebConnect offers 2 different ways to extend your network to your private cloud.

WebConnect Plug&Play

The Software is preinstalled on the WebConnect Co-Router. Just plug it into your network and activate it.

WebConnect Enterprise

The WebConnect Software can be installed on different machines and NAS Systems. Just one installation and activation is necessary.

Superior solution to VPN
Easier, safer, and better

Browser based

With WebConnect you work on the remote workspace always in a browser with an HTTPS connection to your network. WebConnect uses same secure technology as Internet banking.


With WebConnect you do not need any installation on the remote client and remote server. All connection handling will be done by the WebConnect Gateway.

Easy administration

The administration of connections and users can be easily done by every administration user in the professional administration user interface. No special IT knowledge is needed.

Local PC & printer access

WebConnect supports all local and network printers within the network in a browser based RDP connection. Also Smartcard Readers are supported on the remote workplace.

Powerful connection

Grafic workplaces or video is supported with WebConnect up to 60FPS in an RDP connection in the browser. High quality desktop equipment can be used remote with WebConnect.


WebConnect works on every remote device with a browser and an internet connection. Additional IOS and Android Apps are available for small devices. With WebConnect cross platform RDP is standard.

Customers Stories

Modern and flexible working environments

With WebConnect we have completely optimized the working environment at RA-MICRO for remote work. At the same time, with WebConnect we have new, modern products for law firms on offer.

Everyday office life moved to the cloud

With WebConnect we can do our daily office work flexibly from anywhere. WebConnect has given us back private space in which we can better organize our work.

Mobile work with Dictanet and Speechmike

With WebConnect, our customers can work mobile with Dictanet in the web browser. Location-independent dictation with Windows laptop or MacBook in RDP sessions with Philips SpeechMike and Dictanet.

Upgrade your remote working
with WebConnect

Secure two-factor authentication connects instantly to your workstation from anywhere. 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, no strings attached.

WebConnect Interface.
Intuitive, simple & easy.

WebConnect is build with the experience from long time software development. The focus is on usability and clear structures. Have a look on some screenshots of the WebConnect user interface. For real live impression book the free trial and enjoy this new level of a remote work solution.

With WebConnect, work as if you were at the office. Order your WebConnect today and enjoy free 1 months.

Easy set up

All in

Mobile Apps


Various plugins


Smart Card

Webcam and
Audio Devices

Powerful performance

Streaming up
to 60FPS

Local Printer

Shared Drive